Monday , 27 September 2021

During the Break with Clint Powell

New Podcast Available! During the Break with Clint Powell

Clint Powell has hosted a number of radio shows over the years and many times the best part of the conversation happen off the air or during the breaks. He would try to re-create it when they came back from break – but often what made it great was that it was organic and in the minute. That is where During the Break podcast was born! He simply has conversations with people you may or may not know AND finds out more about what they are known for or good at – BUT also more about them as people.

Asking questions about their experiences, challenges, victories, and passions. It is a podcast designed to explore and learn from others. There are 2 releases every week – Tuesdays is the solo minicast release and Fridays are the long-form conversation interviews. Guests so far: Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy – Owner of Nutrition World Ed Jones – Director of the YMCA/YCAP program Andy Smith – Business and success coach Dr. David Banks – and NFL 3x All Pro running back Gerald Riggs.

I sit down with Amy Petulla – Owner of Chattanooga Ghost Tours – and talk ghost stories, ghost tours, and ghost hunting!

Do you have questions about sleep-CBD oil-weight loss-exercise-supplements-vitamins-etc?

Respond to this email with your questions!
I sit down with Ed Jones – owner of Nutrition World and The Holistic Navigator –  LIVE Monday at 3pm to answer them (AYNONOMSLY)!

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I sit down again with entrepreneur and community leader – Tim Kelly!
We talk soccer (yes a rugby guy tries to keep up in a soccer conversation), Chattanooga Football Club crowdfunding, we talk business, politics, and life!

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