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Friday, April 13th

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After two days of early voting, nearly 2,000 people have cast ballots in the Bradley County Primary. A total of 1,942 people have voted early thus far. That includes those who voted at the early voting sites, as well nursing home and mail in ballots. 1,854 people have voted at one of the three early voting sites since Wednesday. Approximately 500 more people have voted at this point than the last comparable election 4 years ago. Early voting for the Bradley County Primary continues through April 26th. Monday-Saturday at The Bradley county election commission, Bradley Square Mall, and Food City on McGrady Drive.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident on Sunday related to a man shooting cellphone video of deputies working a traffic stop.

The video, which is available online through social media and news media outlets, shows the man, Jamichael Parks of Cleveland, being handcuffed and questioned by deputies, and his phone seized.

The incident occurred at Harry’s on Wildwood Avenue and the video shows a traffic stop already in progress when a Bradley County Sheriff’s Office deputy, identified as Dale Liner, spoke to Jamichael Parks about not recording the event and took his cellphone, which was later returned.

According to BCSO Communications Director James E. Bradford Jr., the incident is under investigation.

Bradford noted “there’s always two sides to every story,” and what is available online is a “2½ minute video of a 45-minute traffic stop.” He said the BCSO would make no additional comments until the investigation is concluded, adding that Parks’ complaint is part of the investigation.

When asked about BCSO policy on how deputies should interact with someone who is recording deputies while they are working, Bradford said he is not familiar with such a policy but will look into it. In addition, Bradford said he has not polled the deputies so he is not sure if citizens recording video of deputies on the job is becoming more frequent.

“The reality is that everybody has a cell phone,” so the likelihood of recordings is there, he said.

From the Chattanoogan…

A teen charged with inciting a riot at Hamilton Place Mall in February has been granted judicial diversion.

David Ballard, 18, on Thursday morning appeared before Criminal Court Judge Don Poole.

A charge of aggravated riot was dismissed. The diversion was granted on charges of reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Ballard told the judge he pulled a gun after someone spit on him. When others saw the gun, it started a mad scramble for the mall exits, it was stated.

Under diversion, a defendant can have the charge wiped from his record if he gets in no further criminal trouble for a specified time.