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Friday, January 5th

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Friday, January 5th, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz.

Topping our news today…

Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland announced Thursday he is not seeking another term in the August 2nd municipal election.

Rowland, Tennessee’s longest serving current mayor, was first elected in 1991. He is the longest serving mayor in city history.

Rowland made his announcement at a press conference held at the Museum Center at 5ive Points.

At the press conference, State Representative Kevin Brooks announced he is a candidate for the mayor’s office.

Mayor Rowland endorsed Brooks’s candidacy to become his successor.

Mix 104-1’s Steve Hartline was there and spoke with Mayor Rowland and Representative Brooks.

7th District Bradley County commissioner Mark Hall announced he is running for the House of Representatives seat being vacated by Kevin Brooks. Hall announced this on his Facebook page.

Also in news today…

The city of Cleveland will be closing a section of the Cleveland Greenway due to infrastructure improvements at an overflow pump station located on Mouse Creek Rd. adjacent to the Greenway. The Greenway will be closed from the bridge behind the Tinsley Park softball fields to approximately 350 feet past the Mouse Creek Road underpass beginning the week of January 15th. Construction is estimated to be completed in three weeks. For additional questions, please contact the Cleveland Parks and Recreation Department at (423) 479-4129.

And finally…

Sheriff Eric Watson recognizes that the freezing temperatures present unique hazards for senior citizens. The extremely cold weather produces higher risk of social isolation since many senior citizens want to avoid exposure to the frigid temperatures. Those senior citizens who choose to battle the cold risk a fall, in addition to health hazards with those who have weakened immune services, such as the flu and secondary infections.

Over the past few days, the sheriff office’s Public Service Unit has focused on visiting the homes of senior citizens throughout the community who live alone or have special needs during the dangerously cold temperatures.

The sheriff’s office urges neighbors, friends, and family to check on older individuals to ensure their warm and safe. While everyone should take necessary precautions, elderly individuals are more at risk due to the extreme temperatures.

Anybody seeking further information about the agency’s Senior Visitation program and/or adding a senior citizen who can benefit from the scheduled visitations should contact Patrol Captain Dennis Goins at 423-728-7300 or

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