Friday , 17 August 2018

Midday Party Show Notes

It’s been a while since I’ve had any show notes to share with you, but alas, I now have some!

As mentioned, information and helpful tips for the 2017 Fall Job Fair can be found by clicking here. You definitely want to read through the tips before you go. As I’ve mentioned on-air, dress nicely, clean up a bit, and don’t wear any perfume or cologne. It’s tempting to go in there smelling good, but what smells good to one person (you) can be very irritating to someone else’s nose (your prospective employer.) Not your fault or theirs — that’s just how scents work!

Also, the community coat drive is going on. You can find all the information by clicking here, including a list of numerous locations where you can drop off coats to donate. Also, if you do not have a coat, and do not have the means to purchase one yourself, stop by The Caring Place and pick one up. This is exactly why the community coat drive is going on! Cold weather is coming, and I want you to stay warm during the cold season! The Caring Place is open Tuesday – Friday from 9AM to noon, and on Tuesday evenings from 6-8PM.

Hope you have a wonderful day.