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Monday, October 2nd

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Monday, October 2nd, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz.

Topping our news today…

The Bradley County Courthouse will remain closed today and possibly for an extended amount of time, as repairs are made following an electrical fire Saturday morning.

The courthouse endured smoke and water damage. No complete timetable was given, however sources have told WCLE news that it could be quite some time for the courthouse to reopen and that temporary locations are being sought out.

Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis will lead another meeting today at 2 PM of department heads plus other interested parties, and will have a longer-term plan.

The Bradley County Commission will meet tonight at 7PM in Bradley Central High School’s library.

The following arrangements have been made for court today:

Bradley County General Sessions Civil Court will be held at the Bradley County Juvenile Center located at 1620 Johnson Boulevard Southeast. Bradley County Circuit Court will be held at Logan-Thompson Law Office located at 30 2nd Street Northwest.

All criminal courts, which incorporate Bradley County General Sessions Criminal Court and Bradley County Criminal Court will still be held at the Bradley County Judicial Complex, located at 2230 Blythe Avenue Southeast.

Longer-term plans are also expected to be announced for the County Clerk, register of deeds’s, and the trustees offices at today’s meeting led by Mayor Davis.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Beginning this past weekend, virtually no medical care, outpatient care, or emergency medical services are available in the Copperhill or Ducktown communities.

Polk County Executive Hoyt Firestone confirmed Friday the Copper Basin Medical Center has shut down. The medical center has not been accepting new patients for some time, but has been providing in-patient and emergency services.

All other patients seeking medical care have been forced to seek treatment in Blue Ridge, Ga., Murphy, N.C., Cleveland’s Tennova Healthcare, or one of the hospitals in the Chattanooga area.

The county executive said the hospital administrator and financial officer are attempting to discover what paramaters might still be available for the community medical center. He said they are planning to travel to Nashville this week to talk with officials of the Tennessee Medical Association.

Firestone said hospital officials are trying to find out what options are available, and if there is the possibility of finding a buyer for the medical facility.

Also from The Banner…

Cleveland Utilities’ 31,583 customers will see a rate decrease of 6.22 percent during the month of October.

Members of the public utility’s board were presented with a chart this week which displayed the agency’s retail electric rates from October 2013 through this coming month. The projected decrease brings the utility’s electric rate to 8.968 per kilowatt hour.

Financial Manager Marshall Stinnett reported during the month of September, customers saw a rate of 9.563 per kilowatt hour. This coming rate change is driven by the Tennessee Valley Authority’s fuel cost adjustment and a move to a transitional month rate.

As a continued trend, Cleveland Utilities will pass the TVA rate adjustment along to its customers.

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