Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Drug overdoses are once again the leading cause of death in Tennessee, but the state Health Department is hoping a new law will reverse that trend. According to data released Tuesday by the state Health Department’s Vital Statistics office, drug overdoses killed 1,166 people last year. By comparison, 1,008 people died in motor vehicle accidents last year and 405 were victims of homicides. A law effective July 1 gives Tennesseans access to a life-saving drug. Naloxone (na-LAHX’ohn) temporarily reverses the deadly effects of opioid drugs, giving the person time to reach a medical provider.  The new law allows doctors to prescribe naloxone to a person at risk of experiencing an overdose. The drug can also be prescribed to a family member or friend.
Chattanoogans will soon see more Tennessee Highway Patrol cars in that city. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is making plans to partner with the Chattanooga Police Department to patrol traffic within the city limits and target the city streets where the most accidents happen, THP Col. Tracy Trott said Monday. The move is new for the highway patrol, which typically focuses on rural areas. “We’re really getting hurt by Chattanooga and fatalities inside the city,” Trott said. “We don’t usually work inside the city, but we’ve met with new Chief Fred Fletcher, and we’re hoping to do more joint operations to stem the fatality rate within the city.”

The Cleveland Police Department is urging the public to take precautions in securing your vehicles whether at home or in public places. Always take your keys out of the ignition and close your windows and lock all doors regardless of the time you are planning to be away from your vehicle. Please put away valuables lying out in the open. Place them in the trunk or glove compartment if possible. Act discreetly when hiding your valuables. If at all possible, place these items in the trunk or under your seats before arriving to your destination. Cleveland Police have dealt with several cases of burglaries and vandalism recently. Suspects have been identified in those cases. Detective Matt Jenkins expects to make the arrests by the end of the week.

Lee University in Cleveland has been ranked the most affordable Christian college in the nation by an online guide to Christian higher education.  Christian Universities Online ranked the 50 most affordable Christian colleges in the United States to help students and parents figure out the true cost of attending college, according to a news release. “Many universities and colleges have developed very aggressive financial aid packages and have other unique sources of funding that reduce what may be very expensive tuition costs to a more manageable level for lots of students,” according to Christian Universities Online’s website. The rankings included colleges and universities with more than 1,000 students.