Thursday , 21 March 2019

Thursday, April 5th

Here is today’s news on, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Plans are well underway to close Cleveland City Schools’ current alternative school, the F.I. Denning Center of Technology and Careers, and move its students into new programs.

The committees which have been involved in the closure have developed a plan which will move Denning Center students into three programs. The three programs will be known as the STAR (Strategic, Tiered Academic Response) Program, the Raider Blue Academy and the Alternative Placement Program.

Students in the STAR and Raider Blue Academy programs will be housed at Cleveland High School. These students will be studying in their own cohorts — with their own teachers and support staff — while also still being able to participate in the career and technical education programs and extracurricular offerings available at CHS.

CHS’s Alternative Placement Program will focus on Tier 3 behavior intervention and academic support, and these students will remain at the current Denning Center facility at 350 Central Ave. N.W. The main difference is that this facility will now be operating in cooperation with CHS, rather than being considered its own separate school.

From WRCB Channel 3…

It took more than 50 firefighters and 13 fire companies to put out a fire at the Shooters Depot Wednesday afternoon.

Officials have not said what caused the fire. However the business owner, John Martin, believes it was an electrical fire fueled by the thousands of pages of documents they keep in the attic.

Fire officials said two people were in the shooting range when they noticed smoke and ran out to tell the owner.

The owner said he grabbed the fire extinguisher, but the smoke was so bad he could not see. He had everyone evacuate the building and called 911.

Everyone got out of the building safely.

The business has been in Chattanooga for nine years and employs 15 people. The owner is not sure yet what they will do next.

Also in news today…

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson Tuesday received an endorsement from Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally.

James Randy McNally is the 50th and current Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee who was elected to his position in January of 2017 by members of the Tennessee State Senate.