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Thursday, February 1st

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From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The Cleveland Municipal Planning Commission broached the idea of the city completely annexing APD 40, during a formal session of the governing body Tuesday.

The bypass currently is not completely within the Cleveland corporate limits.

Commissioner Larry Presswood said it’s an idea that needs to be seriously discussed.

Presswood asked City Planner Corey Divel if the road was in the Urban Growth Plan.

Divel stated he believed it is, that it had been looked at before and was going to be expensive due to providing lights, maintenance, and other items.

Presswood said some areas are very dangerous due to not having lights, and it could be an asset to the community if the whole bypass would be improved with lights and other items.

Presswood said he did not know exactly what those improvement would take.

Divel said there would need to be an evaluation as to whether state statutes would allow such an annexation of the road.

Also from The Banner…

Leaders with Cleveland City Schools shared the school district’s latest set of goals with members of their Parent Advisory Council on Tuesday.

The plan for 2018-19 lists goals in five different areas: “Literacy,” “Math,” “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), “Safe and Healthy Students” and “College and Career Readiness.” In 2016, the Tennessee Department of Education approved new standards for science, and educators have been making plans to implement them during the 2018-19 school year. These are the plans which dictate what teachers must include in their instruction.

It was noted this is first time since 2007 that Tennessee’s public schools have implemented new science standards. Teachers are “excited” to begin the process of looking at new instructional materials.

This Friday, some teachers will meet with publishers and suppliers to look at possible materials. This will start a process which will eventually lead to parents being able to look at sample copies of the textbooks their children’s schools are considering.

From the Chattanoogan…

An Amtrak train headed to West Virginia, carrying Republican members of Congress to a retreat, was involved in a crash with a truck on Wednesday.

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann tweeted that he was not injured, and was working with doctors on the scene.

However, he was standing during the wreck and fell backwards.

There was one confirmed fatality, but no members of Congress were seriously injured.

It was the third frightening incident for Rep. Fleischmann.

He was on the London Underground when it was bombed in 2005.

He was at a charity Congressional baseball practice outside Washington last June when a man began shooting.

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