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Thursday, January 4th

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Thursday, January 4th, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz.

Topping our news today, from News Channel 9…

The head of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigations division is stepping down, and running for sheriff. The sheriff’s spokesman provided a copy of Captain Steve Lawson’s resignation letter Wednesday.

In the letter, Captain Lawson says, “When I can no longer respect or believe the person I work for, I know it is time to make the difficult decision to part ways.”

Lawson also stated that he was proud of the success his division has achieved, and is taking this action with a heavy heart. He also stated he was grateful for the opportunity he had to serve alongside so many dedicated professionals, and that his prayers will constantly be with the officers and employees of the department.

The Bradley County Election Commission administrator confirmed that Lawson picked up papers to run for sheriff.

Sheriff Watson later issued a statement stating he felt it was unprofessional for Lawson to abandon his responsibilities without notice in order to pursue a political agenda. He said that Lawson did not attempt to complete any cases on his desk, or allow for a transition where his successor could be properly briefed on the cass at hand, and simply quit on the people of Bradley County for selfish reasons.

Watson also stated that Lawson had never communicated with him to voice any concerns that Lawson may have had.

View Steve Lawson’s resignation letter.

View Sheriff Watson’s statement in response to Lawson’s resignation.

Also in news today…

In light of the resignation of Steve Lawson, Sheriff Eric Watson has selected Brian Quinn as the new Criminal Investigations Division’s Captain at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.

In 1991 Captain Quinn began his career in the Criminal Justice field as a dispatcher and reserve police officer with Cleveland Police Department. Many certifications have been achieved through his completion of many specialized schools which will benefit his latest promotion as the agency’s newest Captain. Currently, Quinn is also an instructor at Cleveland State Community College’s Law Enforcement Academy where he teaches Narcotics Investigations to cadets looking to launch their careers in the Criminal Justice profession.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The committee working to replace Joe Wilson, who retired as Emergency 911 director on Dec. 29, will meet again on Thursday, Jan. 11, at the Cleveland Fire Department Station 1 on South Ocoee Street.

The meeting for the committee searching for a new director is open to the public. It will begin at 1 p.m.

The search committee is chaired by Cleveland Fire Chief Ron Harrison, and includes local first response providers Mark Gibson, Johnny Stokes, Troy Maney and Shawn Fairbanks.

The committee is to decide how to find a replacement for Wilson, and members have agreed that their first task is coming up with a job description, then advertising the position opening. The committee would then take these recommendations to the full board, which meets on Feb. 28.

All decisions by the search committee will be presented as recommendations to the board. It will be up to the board to make final approval of how to search for a new 911 director, and they could approve the recommendations of the search committee, alter the group’s suggestions or decide to request new recommendations.

And finally…

There will be a major announcement concerning the future of Cleveland this Thursday at 11am, according to a Media Advisory Issued by Mayor Tom Rowland and State Rep Kevin Brooks. Mix 104.1 and Talk 101.3 will carry the news conference Live, we will also offer live video coverage on Facebook at Mix 104.1 WCLE

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