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Thursday, July 12th

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In news today…

In their most recent meeting Steve Lawson’s transition team tackled the issue of school safety. Referring back to the plan Lawson laid out during the campaign the group began discussions regarding the logistics of implementing the comprehensive plan.

The group reviewed the six key points the plan addresses: Pushing for legislation that allows for the creation of a School Threat Multi-Disciplinary Review Team; Establish a 24-hour hotline to report school threats; Provide special training to officers to investigate and monitor the social media postings of any person under review, and the nature of these postings will become part of the review process; Push for legislation to require professionals to report incidents of threatening behavior, including verbal threats and social media messages and posts; Provide special training from the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security and other legitimate sources regarding school violence, social media usage, and threat profiles for school officials, teachers, SROs, patrol officers, criminal investigators, juvenile court officers, probation, parole, and members of the multi-disciplinary team; and finally Partner with the Educational Safety Director to provide annual security and threats assessments.

Lawson acknowledges that his plan will not be implemented overnight.  He said it will be a work in progress, and requires close cooperation between the BCSO, The District Attorney’s Office, the school system, and our local state legislators.

One immediate issue Lawson hopes to address is increased training and certification for the officers working in the schools. Lawson is also committed to personally being involved in the schools. He looks forward to working closely with the District Attorney’s office and the School Board to be proactive.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The Charleston Police Department is now fully staffed, after an extended period when manpower was limited.

Charleston Mayor Walter Goode shared the announcement at Tuesday evening’s Commission meeting from Police Chief Johnny Stokes, saying the department now has three full-time officers.

Stokes has filled a vacancy with the hiring of Michael Strope of Athens. He added that Strope is an experienced law enforcement officer.

Last month, Stokes announced his other staff member, David Spandau, had returned from medical leave.

In addition to the completion of staffing needs, the Charleston Police Department is also exploring the possibility of upgrading its communication system, piggybacking onto the new Bradley County 911 CAD communication upgrades.

Also from The Banner…

A battle is raging in east Tennessee. A lip sync battle, that is.

Officers from the Cleveland Police Department recently accepted a lip sync video challenge from the Collegedale Police Department. They responded with a video with production values reminiscent of those produced by big name musical performers.

Since then, the number of lip sync video responses have escalated, with the Signal Mountain Police Department, Soddy Daisy Police Department all accepting challenges.

The CPD’s video was filmed Sunday, according to CPD public information officer Sgt. Evie West. The production was undertaken after the CPD was challenged by the Collegedale Police Department, whose video depicts officers lip syncing to “Bad Boys,” from the long-running Fox Network’s COPS television show.

West said they filmed for four-and-a-half hours at a local resident’s personal home, who are huge supporters of law enforcement.

The CPD then challenged the Knoxville Police Department, which responded with a video of them lip syncing to “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons.