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Thursday, June 25th

NEWS 6/25/15 In a press release- The Cleveland Police Department is asking the public’s help in identifying two males wanted in connection with a stolen debit card.  The duo used the card that was taken from a recent car burglary early Tuesday morning at the south Cleveland Walmart. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Matt Jenkins at 423-303-3134. Information can also be sent through the Cleveland Police Department’s Facebook inbox. Cleveland police asks the public to remember to lock your vehicles while unattended. In addition to this car burglary, six others have been reported since Monday. Most of the vehicles were left unlocked while another vehicle’s window was knocked out. Cash, credit cards and a firearm have been reported stolen. The car burglaries were reported in the area of Peerless Road, Woodlawn, Oakdale, Royal Drive, 25th Street, South Lee Hwy and APD 40. BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) – After six dog attacks in Bradley County in the last month, Sheriff Eric Watson says animal control is an urgent need, but the solution isn’t cheap. Watson proposed his $363,000 dollar Animal Control Services Plan to County Commissioners yesterday. “We’re starting at ground zero,” Watson said. “We have no equipment at all to do any type of animal service.” The Sheriff’s Office reports getting up to 11 calls every day about aggressive animals.  Watson’s proposal covers salaries and equipment for four deputies who would patrol as County Animal Control Officers 24/7. They’d respond to all calls concerning animal cruelty cases, stray and aggressive animals, and animals who need shelter if their owner gets arrested.  “This proposal is just for pickup and transport. It has nothing to do with a holding facility,” Watson explained. The county’s SPCA shelter is a small facility. President Ed Elkins said kennel capacity is already an issue, especially during summer months. The Bradley County SPCA is a no-kill shelter. The shelter worries its current facility would not be able to handle the high volume of animals that deputies would be picking up off the streets. According to Elkins, better enforcement of the state’s leash law could nip some of the animal issues right now. The Animal Control proposal has not been voted on yet. An ad hoc committee will discuss proposals from the Bradley County and the City of Cleveland on July 27. From The Times Free Press- The Cleveland Police Department attempted to serve a domestic assault warrant on Tuesday night and ended up arresting 38-year-old Senneca Harris on charges of aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping. Harris refused to make contact with police officers at an East Street NE residence, according to officers who arrived to serve the warrant. The other owner of the home, who was the alleged domestic assault victim, gave consent for officers to enter the residence.      At the time, Harris had barricaded himself inside the home with three young children, according to Evie West, spokeswoman for the Cleveland Police Department. “Two of the three children were allowed to leave the home, but Harris took the youngest child into a bedroom and barricaded himself and the child inside,” West said. Harris then told officers that neither he nor the child were coming out of the room, police said. Several attempts were made to negotiate with Harris, but they were unsuccessful, police said. “When officers heard the child begin to cry, they had to act, especially since they had no visual [contact with the] inside and they had no idea what was going on,” West said. Officers forcefully entered the room and found the child safe. Harris relinquished the child to officers and was placed in custody. He has been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping, West said. “No one was injured during the entry or arrest of the suspect,” she said. “[the officers’] actions should be commended.” From The Cleveland Banner- Tinsley Park is on the verge of an upgrade.What started as a commitment to replace two tennis courts at the park has grown into the desire for a master plan to revitalize portions of the park. Parks and Recreation Director Patti Petitt said a master plan would include redoing all of the tennis courts, fixing the pool and addressing parking issues. “The subbase is bad in [the courts]. We need to work on the drainage, we need to replace all the courts,” Petitt said. “There are two playable courts up there right now.” The Cleveland City Council approved Lose and Associates Inc. as architect to work with the recreation department in developing the plan with an approved contract of $25,000. Petitt said the Tinsley Pool had a hole in it and an engineer from Lose and Associates Inc. would be determining the best way to correct the issue. Petitt hopes to secure a Local Parks and Recreation Fund grant from the state to complete the work outlined. A LPRF grant paid for the improvements to the Mosby Park pool last year. Tennis enthusiast Charlie Smith said he agreed it was worth delaying replacing two of the courts in order to have a better final product. n Also during the meeting, Council unanimously approved prohibiting juveniles on the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway, unless accompanied by an adult, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. The vote comes after the city offered $1,000 for information about graffiti on the Greenway.“We must protect this beautiful linear park,” said City Manager Janice Casteel. n The Council also approved putting Cleveland/Bradley County Library employees back on the city insurance. The Council had originally removed the library and employees from other agencies from the insurance to cut down on the cost of insurance.