Thursday , 21 March 2019

Tuesday, April 10th

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From WRCB Channel 3…

Police in Cleveland are investigating what they call “an attempt to disrupt the daily activities of the school” at Cleveland High School Monday.

A post to the Cleveland Police Department’s Facebook page says that a Cleveland PD investigator went to a home to follow-up with the investigation, but no other details were given.

The Cleveland Police Department School Resource Officers Brian Montgomery and Travis Graig are said to be fully aware of the threats made and are working with investigators to make sure that the school is safe for students and staff.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The Cleveland Board of Education is considering several policy changes which could affect everything from graduation requirements to how long students have recess.

During its recent meeting, the board voted to approve the first reading of seven different amended school board policies. Among these changes are:

The proposed “Policy 6.200 on Attendance” adds language explaining how absences are addressed and introduces a tiered system for determining the potential consequences for unexcused absences.

“Policy 4.206 on Special Programs” was changed to say that students qualify for homebound instruction based on “illness or injury,” rather than “health impairments.” The proposed version of this policy says this qualification is based on whether there is “sufficient seriousness” to expect a student will be absent for at least five straight days, rather than 10, as the policy says now.

“Policy 6.319 on Alternative School Programs” includes changes based on changes to state law. It also adds a provision that “the Director of Schools/designee shall develop procedures regarding the implementation of transition plans for the integration of students entering and exiting the program.”

“Policy 6.411 on Student Wellness” was replaced with a policy which calls for the establishment of a “healthy school team” at each school and says elementary schools are “encouraged” to provide students with a minimum of 15 minutes of “non-structured outdoor, physical activity” each day weather allows.

Though the board approved the first readings of these policies, second readings will need to happen before the board makes the policy changes final. They will be considered again when the board has its May meeting.

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press…

Bradley County early voters have three choices when it comes to casting ballots for the May 1 election.

The Bradley County Election Commission Office has confirmed it will operate polling sites on the north and south sides of the county in addition to the office itself. Bradley Square Mall on Paul Huff Parkway and a mobile unit at Food City near APD 40 will become sites for voters to have their say. Early voting begins April 11th.

Republican primary voters will decide all the countywide seats on the ballot and all but one county commission seat.

When choosing commissioners, voters will go about things a little differently this election cycle.

In the past, the two candidates who had received the most and second-most votes won the commission seats for each of the county’s seven districts.

Now candidates compete for a specific seat, labeled A or B. It allows candidates to target a specific incumbent instead of taking their chances in a districtwide pool.

Last year, the Bradley County Commission narrowly approved changing the election method, a measure long championed by Commission Vice Chairman Jeff Yarber.

The old way discouraged people from voting for two commission candidates because they did not want to risk hurting their top choice, he said, describing the practice as “single-shotting.”

And finally…

The Cleveland Lions Club together with the Bradley County Bar Association is pleased to announce that it will once again provide an opportunity for the voters of Bradley County to see and hear each of the candidates for contested offices of County Commissioner and for Sheriff of Bradley County in the May 1st Republican Primary.

The forum will commence at 6:30 p.m. this evening at the Communications Building located that the intersection of North Ocoee and Central Avenue on the Lee University Campus. This public forum has been a tradition in Bradley County since 1971.

WTNB will broadcast the forum through Charter Cable Channel 5, Digital Channel 27 and Comcast Channel 210. WCLE 104.1 will also broadcast the event live. These two entities will also broadcast the event on Facebook and it will be livestreamed over the Internet.