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Tuesday, February 18th

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From WRCB Channel 3…

Sunday, two fishermen found a body in the Ocoee River at the Big Creek Access. Polk County Sheriff Steve Ross says that they won’t identify the body until dental records or DNA comes back. 

Sheriff Ross says the body was sent to Knoxville for an autopsy.

But Jessica Turner, the sister of Adam Turner says it was her brother who they pulled out of the river. He was a missing person out of Fannin County.

Sheriff Ross says that he had some distinctive tattoos, but his office won’t make an identification purely from tattoos.

Sheriff Ross says that they will wait to confirm the identity to be 100% sure. 

He says the circumstances around this man’s death are still unknown. 

Also from WRCB Channel 3…

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank, Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia’s largest hunger relief organization serving 20 counties, welcomed Food City store managers, and district managers, presenting the Food Bank and related agencies with a check for $176,219.

The money was raised in November and December of 2019 through the cash registers of all local Food City locations during the Share Your Christmas campaign.

In addition to donating directly to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, the local Food City stores were also able to select CAFB partner agencies in their areas to disperse some of the donations, meaning a significant portion of the money was reinvested in the community in which it was donated. 

From NewsChannel 9…

The Polk County sheriff and director of schools have agreed to a protocol change in both departments following an incident with a student expressing suicidal thoughts earlier this year.

During a school board meeting on February 10th, the mother of a child addressed the board and Director of Schools Dr. James Jones. In her address during the meeting, the mother says the Chilhowee Middle School administration called her on January 17th to alert her that they had found a suicide note written by her son. She says she told them she was on her way to the school right away.

We reached out to Polk County Sheriff Steve Ross to clarify what happened that day. He said the boy was never arrested and never was put into handcuffs. He said the SRO followed protocol, which was to get the student to put the student in what is called “protective custody” and get him to the juvenile officer. Sheriff Ross says the boy was never put in the back of a patrol car, and was repeatedly told he did nothing wrong.

In the video from February 10th, the mother says her son was only crying out for help and should have not been treated like a criminal.

Now, according to Dr. Jones and Sheriff Ross, the protocols have changed. While the protocol change is not written down just yet, they do have a verbal agreement. According to Sheriff Ross, any student showing signs of suicidal thoughts will not be taken off campus into protective custody. All students in protective custody will be kept at their school until the juvenile officer within the Polk County Sheriff’s Office can advise on what to do next.

Sheriff Ross said, “I don’t want to traumatize a child. I don’t want to punish him for reaching out.” Sheriff Ross did clarify that if there is an extenuating circumstances regarding the safety of the student or others at the school, the student expressing suicidal thoughts will no longer be removed from campus.

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