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Tuesday, May 29th

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From NewsChannel 9…

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office expects a lockdown at the jail to lift today. The jail put inmates on lockdown and suspended all ministry programs because the facility does not have enough officers to ensure safety.

The jail has more than six unfilled positions. Other officers are on medical leave.

Bradley County Commissioner Jeff Yarber said of the 68 officers, more than 40 are in their first year and are supposed to be supervised.

According to Bradley County commission chairman Louie Alford, the jail has a shortage of officers.

There are 6 unfilled positions and first year officers have to be supervised. He does not know how that can be because over 90 positions are in the budget.

Alford says the lock down is causing a lot of shuffling employees to different positions and inmates being confined to their cells.

According to the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office, the lock down is expected to be lifted today, which allows ministry programs to resume.

In related news, from the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting applications for men and women interested in becoming correctional officers.

Candidates must be intelligent, motivated and possess a high-energy drive to succeed in the highly competitive environment. Applicants must have excellent interpersonal communication skills to establish and maintain a safe environment for inmates and other correctional staff by ensuring all rules and regulations are followed on a consistent basis.

Correctional officers are responsible for the safety and security of incarcerated inmates who are awaiting trial, and those who have been sentenced to serve time through the court. Upon completion of the hiring process and passing a background check, new hires must successfully complete the Field Training Officer training program.

For more information, contact Administrations Capt. Robert Hancock at 423-728-7300 or

Also from The Banner…

Improvements to the housing pods at the Bradley County Juvenile Detention Center were approved in recent county government action.

The Bradley County Commission’s Finance Committee approved moving $9,423 from the fund balance in the county commission’s “other charges” line item to juvenile detention’s maintenance and repair-buildings line item.

According to the budget amendment description, the request is for the remainder of the money to fund a toilet and lavatory replacement project, which includes 12 combination toilets and lavatories. The winning bid and total project cost is $50,388. There is currently $40,965.10 in juvenile detention’s line item for the project and the balance of $9,423 is being requested.

The committee also approved accepting the lowest bid for the project, $50,388 from T.S. Raulston Inc., of Chattanooga, and authorizing the county mayor to enter into a contract with the company. The proposal is valid for 30 days.

Both the transfer of funds and accepting of the bid were approved by the full county commission in its voting session immediately following the Finance Committee meeting.