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Tuesday, November 12th

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From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Kaitlin Gebby reports: A Bradley Central High School student was arrested and charged Friday with possession of a Schedule VI drug for resale, possession in a drug-free school zone and possession of drug paraphernalia  after a scheduled drug sweep of the school and parking lot. 

The sweep took place around 9 a.m. Thursday during a scheduled, but separate, lockdown drill. With the help of K-9 units, the Cleveland Police Department and the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office were alerted to a vehicle containing “narcotics and paraphernalia,” later revealed to be marijuana, according to a press release from BCSO Public Information Officer Taylor Woodruff.  

Unofficial reports came to the Cleveland Daily Banner that firearms were also found on campus during the sweep and that one or multiple students had been arrested. Director of Schools Dr. Linda Cash said those reports “are not true.” 

According to the Bradley Central High School student handbook, the school reserves the right to search lockers loaned to the students for use at any time, as they are maintained and owned by the school. Additionally, the handbook outlines procedures for searches and interrogations that may be conducted of anyone or anything on school property. 

Woodruff said the sweep was not scheduled in conjunction with the lockdown, and added that regular sweeps are part of a partnership between local law enforcement and the school system. 

Also from The Banner…

Autumn Hughes reports: Bradley County may soon take over services to criminal offenders eligible for ankle bracelet monitoring, rather than contracting with a company to do it.

County Mayor D. Gary Davis presented a plan to the Bradley County Commission’s Finance Committee last week, that would bring monitoring services “in-house.”

In a memo, Davis asked to be included in next Tuesday’s County Commission work session packet. He noted there are seven offenders on ankle bracelet monitors; six of those are paying a private company for the service.

Davis said by taking monitoring in-house and collecting payment for the monitors, by the next budget process officials would have “more concrete numbers” to work with for budgeting.

In news today…

As soon as Cleveland State Community College President Dr. Bill Seymour dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s, the Tennessee Board of Regents College of the Year will be the proud recipient of a million dollar grant. The award, which actually will amount to $999,956.00, will help grow advanced technology and work-based learning opportunities for present and future students of Cleveland State.

Cleveland State’s vision for the grant is to enhance its Advanced Technologies Apprenticeship Institute. “If you attend Cleveland State, and you are enrolled in a work-based technological track for your education, this news will mean great things for you,” said Cleveland State Community College President Dr. Bill Seymour. “This is a huge development for our students all across our counties.”

Before receiving news of the award, Cleveland State had one clear goal if they were to receive it: To allow all qualifying students enrolled in a technical program at the college to have a work-based learning experience as part of their degree or certificate program. On the heels of the college’s successfully piloted Mechatronics Honors Institute, the GIVE Grant will now also assist in the building of the CSCC Advanced Technologies Apprenticeship Institute.

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