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Tuesday, November 14th

From the Tennova Healthcare Cleveland News Desk, here is your news for Tuesday, November 14th, on Mix 104-1 and Talk 101-3 The Buzz.

In news today…

Cleveland Utilities wants to make the community aware of a potential scam involving those impersonating Cleveland Utilities’employees. This scam involves individuals contacting their customers concerning past due balances. The phone number being given as a call back is 423-464-4493. This number is NOT affiliated with Cleveland Utilities, and they will NEVER solicit payment via money pak or green cards. As always, if there is ever a doubt about your account, please contact Cleveland Utilities at 423-472-4521. This is the ONLY number you should use to contact Cleveland Utilities.

If you are in doubt in regards to a call claiming to be from Cleveland Utilities, even if it APPEARS to be from their number, do not hesitate to hang up and call back in at 423-472-4521, as it IS possible that Caller ID can be spoofed.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Preliminary  construction activity was not that prevalent in September at the Cleveland City Building Office, but there were some major projects being planned.

In September, there were only 12 building permits acquired. The job cost estimate was $14,654,179, with $33,115 being paid in fees.

One project made up a huge majority of that total. Bayer Healthcare, CRB Partners, is planning the construction of a new administration building on Michigan Avenue Road, at an estimated cost of $13.2 million.

The permit fee for the Bayer project was $27,200.

In other above-average construction projects, Cleveland Utilities  obtained a permit for $366,750 for an addition to the utility’s maintenance building. In another project, the Mueller Company is planning the completion of a site grade slab for a future building. Also, Joe Pesterfield Construction Company is planning a 100-by-100 foot storage foundation for CSC North on North Lee Highway.

From WRCB Channel 3…

Most people don’t think to go on the Tennessee Department of Treasury’s website and search for unclaimed property, but the money is piling up and some of it may be yours.

Tennessee is holding more than $890 million dollars that belong to individuals and businesses and it’s just waiting to be returned.

The unclaimed property fund includes things like forgotten bank accounts, old paychecks, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, utility deposits or refunds and contents of abandoned safety deposit boxes.

There is no time limit when it comes to claiming your money and the state will never charge you a fee.

However, there are still some websites that will charge you, so be aware of them.

To search for your name and file a claim with the state, visit ClaimItTN.gov. You can also search for relatives who have passed away and claim the money in their name.

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