Thursday , 21 March 2019

Wednesday, April 11th

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From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Cleveland Police Department investigators identified two female Cleveland High School students as the distributors of a threat sent to other students through social media on Sunday.

On Monday morning, CPD reported threats were made toward Cleveland High School in an attempt to disrupt the daily activities of the school.

According to a post late Monday night on the CPD Facebook page, both female juveniles were charged with false report. Due to their ages, names cannot be released.

Also from The Banner…

The Polk County Board of Education met Monday evening at Polk County High School, approving a project regarding bathrooms in the Chilhowee Middle School gymnasium.

They also approved revision to the Chilhowee Middle School handbook, the consent agenda, appointed two board members to the school system’s Sick Leave Bank, and approved plans for Copper Basin Elementary School’s annual student trip to Washington, D.C.

Director of Schools Dr. James Jones was pointedly graphic concerning the bathrooms in the middle school gymnasium.

He apologized for bringing a non-budgeted item to the board, but said the school system’s fund balance should be able to fund the project.

He said they have been bombarded with E-Mails about the conditions of the bathrooms, stating they’re the same bathrooms they had used when they attended school there 40 years ago, and that the bathrooms were really not usable. He stated that urinals are leaking, hand dryers are not working, and that water has seeped into the fixtures and the floor.

Jones said he and other staff members are in the process of obtaining estimates on the cost of the repairs to upgrade the three bathrooms, and plans to bring those estimates to the board.

Also in news today…

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s “Crime in Tennessee 2017” report shows the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office exceeded its 2016 numbers of arrests and cases cleared.

The BCSO’s percentage of cases cleared increased in 2017 from 65.15 percent to 65.45 percent.

Total arrests also increased from 3,412 to 3,470.

One of the more significant increases was the success rate against drug offenses. During 2016, the total number of drug-related offenses reported was 547 with 519 of those cases cleared and 419 recorded arrests. In 2017, the number of reported drug-related offenses were 613 with 573 of those cases cleared and 431 recorded arrests.

The BCSO achieved an 85 percent clearance rate with cases in the category of “Crimes Against Persons,” which includes assault, rape, abduction, and murder charges.

The BCSO also achieved a 91 percent cases cleared rate on crimes related to domestic violence.