Thursday , 18 July 2019

Wednesday, August 15th

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From the Cleveland Daily Banner..

City Manager Joe Fivas presented the Cleveland City Council during its work session Monday with three options to seek to decrease the high number of traffic accidents that occur on Paul Huff Parkway.

During the work session, Fivas told council members that accidents on Paul Huff Parkway were about five times the state norm for crash rates in that area. He began his discussion by listing the number of accidents that had occurred along the heavily-traveled thoroughfare, which is lined with a number of major retail businesses.

The first option would consist of a solid median which would restrict left hand traffic and place most vehicle movements at traffic lights. Fivas said it would be the safest option.

The second option would also consist of a median but would allow vehicles to make left hand turns into Cleveland Towne Center.

For the third option Fivas suggested placing a concrete structure at the intersection of Cleveland Town Center, which would allow a right hand turn to enter the site, as well as a right-hand turn to exit the same area.

The first two options would be advantageous to the city, according to Fivas.

However, the third option altering traffic turns at parking area entrances and exits would require approval from private businesses that would be affected.

Also from The Banner…

Matthew Brown, a community leader, industrialist and former Bradley County commissioner passed away on Sunday.

No funeral arrangements or visitation have yet been scheduled.

After serving for eight years (two terms) on the county commission, Brown stepped down to concentrate on responsibilities with the family business (Brown Stove Company).

He was the fourth generation of family ownership of the company, serving as the Brown Stove Works president.

Brown Stove Works was founded in 1935 by Grover Cleveland Brown.

Brown Stove is one of 60 stove manufacturers in the United States.

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press…

If it can happen to Jeff Styles, it can happen to you, at least according to Jeff Styles.

The embattled radio host has launched a website to defend himself in his road rage case that ended with him being shot.

Styles attempts to paint a picture of the road rage incident and what happened that day from his perspective. He explains his “defense weapon” and how he acted. Styles also challenges the man who shot him as anything but a model citizen by detailing his traffic violations and arrests.

The website also has an hour-length podcast where Styles details the event, before and after, in great detail.