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Wednesday, July 11th

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Topping our news today…

Twenty-fourth district Representative Kevin Brooks and Duane Schriver, candidates for Cleveland City Mayer, took part in a debate yesterday afternoon at the Museum Center at Five Points. Several topics were discussed including infrastructure upgrades each had planned for the city as well as what they expected the City of Cleveland to look like in the next five to ten years. Also discussed was the idea of moving Cleveland City Council meetings to a time other than during the day, when most people are at work. This would make the meetings more accessible to the public.

If you missed the live debate yesterday, you can watch the archived video on our Facebook page, Mix 104-1 WCLE. There will also be another debate held at the Kiwanis Club tomorrow. We will again be providing LIVE coverage of that debate both on-air and online.

From the Chattanoogan…

The Dalton Police Department is warning area residents to be careful when accepting $50 bills. The U.S. Secret Service advised the police department on Tuesday morning that several convincing counterfeit bills had been passed at a Dalton business and more could be in circulation.

The Secret Service told Dalton investigators that several counterfeit $50 bills were passed at the Dollar General story on Riverburch Parkway in Dalton sometime in the month of June. The Secret Service also provided pictures of the counterfeit bills and pointed out several ways to spot the fakes:

On the front of the bill: The number “50” in the bottom right should be printed in color shifting ink that changes from copper to green. These fake bills do not change color but do have somewhat of a gold tint to them. In the Treasury seal, printed on the right hand side of the bill, the word “Treasury” is misspelled and instead says what looks like “TREAFHRE.” Another thing to note is that the bill marking pen does not work on these bills as they have some type of coating on them but not so much that it is noticeable.

On the back of the bill: The coloring on the back of the bill is just slightly different than a legitimate $50. When holding it up to the light you can see that the straight lines of the printed image on the back aren’t quite in line with those on the front. The printed type stating “US CAPITOL” underneath that image isn’t as crisp or clean as a legitimate $50. The standard security features to include an embedded security thread and a watermark are both visible.

Anyone that has information on these fake bills or who believes they may have spotted some fake bills is asked to contact Detective Matthew Lowery at 706 278-9085, ext. 9133.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

Nearly a year since the opening of the Brian K. Smith Workhouse at the Bradley County Justice Center, the success of the initiative was a topic of discussion at Monday’s work session of the Bradley County Commission.

Rich Kienlen, who heads the Bradley County Misdemeanor Probation program housed at the workhouse, spoke to the commission about the initiative. He believes overall “it’s been very successful.”

For the past 11 months, revenue from workhouse inmates totals $53,051.75 and revenue from state inmates totals $786,879. The overall total collected is $854,230.75.

Kienlen said it will be “a constant process” to keep the workhouse at the forefront for judges and the district attorney’s office so that more referrals can be made.

And in news today…

Over the past few weeks, our air conditioners have been working overtime due to the daytime heat and humidity, with only minimal breaks when a pop-up shower or thunderstorm moves through the area. However, not everyone has the luxury of quality air conditioning in their home. Not only does the heat make things uncomfortable for those in that situation, it can also prove to be deadly for the elderly in our community, who are less able to handle the heat. The Salvation Army is working to provide box fans to the elderly in our community to keep them cool during this intense heat, but they need your help. Please consider donating one or more box fans to the Salvation Army to help with this effort. Donations are being accepted locally at the Salvation Army on Inman Street, and would be greatly appreciated.