Monday , 3 August 2020

Wednesday, July 8th

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Topping our news today…

Cleveland Mayor Kevil Brooks released a statement yesterday regarding his recent medical conditions. That statement reads as follows:

“Greetings fellow Clevelanders. I wanted to write and send my personal thanks from me and my family for outpouring of care and concern during my recent hospitalization. The support is overwhelming and we are all truly grateful. Second, I’d like to thank the team at Tennova Hospital for taking extra care during my original diagnosis of double pneumonia. As well as a new secondary diagnosis of positive for COVID-19. Our infectious disease specialists, hospitalists, and pulmonologists are working diligently to clear all underlying medical issues, as well as now clearing COVID-19. I am making this statement to ask everyone to wear a mask when in public. If not for me, then do it for your family and your loved ones. This is a very dangerous disease. And we can slow this local increase and spread. I am a rule follower. I am a hand-washer. I am a hand-sanitizer. I am a social distancer. Alone, these actions were not enough. We also need to add wearing masks in public areas. Don’t wait to be asked, wear a mask. Again, thank you for your care and concern. This is truly the “City With Spirit” and it’s an honor to serve as your Mayor. I will see you all soon.”

Also in news today…

Following 14 days of quarantine, all inmates in the Bradley County Jail who contracted COVID-19 have fully recovered. These inmates have been cleared by the Tennessee Health Department to return to their traditional pods to continue serving time.

Following a voluntary round of COVID-19 testing in mid-June, 33 inmates at the Bradley County Jail tested a-symptomatic positive for COVID-19 and were immediately placed in a pre-designated quarantine pod. During each inmate’s 14-day quarantine, they received treatment from the jail’s medical staff and had his/her temperature checked twice daily. All COVID-positive inmates remained a-symptomatic through the duration of their respective quarantines. As of 10:00 p.m. on Monday, July 6, all inmates who tested negative by the Bradley County Jail’s medical staff completed their 14-day quarantine and have each returned to their traditional pods.

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