Thursday , 17 January 2019

Wednesday, May 16th

Here is today’s news on, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

Topping our news today, from WRCB Channel 3…

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says a tractor-trailer has crashed into the Ocoee River from Highway 64 Tuesday afternoon.

It happened between mile markers 11 and 12 shortly before 5:00 p.m.

Dispatch confirms the driver of the truck crashed into the river.

We do not know if any injuries have been reported or if any other vehicles are involved.

Also in news today…

The County Clerk’s office hours at their temporary location are changing to Monday through Friday from 7:30AM until 2:30PM. Passport applications will be accepted until 2PM. They are trying to resolve an issue with the air conditioning in the temporary office.  Please call 423-728-7226 if you have any questions.

From the Cleveland Daily Banner…

The Cleveland City Council has approved a $10 million bond issue to complete the financing of construction of the new Candy’s Creek Cherokee Elementary School, which is currently under construction in northwest Cleveland on Georgetown Road (State Route 60).

The vote, which took place during Monday’s city council session, was unanimously approved. During discussion, two proposed options were presented by Cleveland City Manager Joe Fivas, with council members selecting the bond containing financial terms that were advantageous to the city.

According to the two bond fund proposals, Option 1 stipulated a 3.9 percent interest rate that would reset every 10 years, costing some $15.3 million over a 20-year term. Option 2, the bond issue approved by council members, will cost nearly $13.7 million over the same 20-year term, saving taxpayers nearly $1.7 million.

Additionally, the interest rate for Option 2 will be fixed at 3.05 percent for 20 years. The proposed rate, which will be fixed once the bond is issued, resembles a bond issue rate that was approved recently in Alcoa. Shawn McKay, assistant city manager, told the Cleveland Daily Banner the bond will be marketed within the next 60 days.

The school, which is currently undergoing construction just north of the Highway 60/Paul Huff Parkway intersection, derives its name from the area’s historical connection to the Cherokee people who once inhabited the locale and attended a school that existed in Bradley County during the early 19th century. The school closed in 1838 when Cherokees were forcibly removed from the region and relocated to Oklahoma.

The projected completion date for the facility is March 2019, with students expected to start classes there in August.