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In news today…

Bradley County Schools has developed a workgroup of education and public health experts who will meet weekly to plan and provide recommendations on the reopening of school. It is the school system’s intent to resume classes in the fall. However, a contingency plan is being worked on in the event that COVID-19 remains a threat. As the reopening will affect staff, parents, and students, there will be a survey sent out in the coming weeks to provide input and feedback.

In addition, the school system is preparing on how to counteract the summer learning loss, which this year was exacerbated by the disrupted spring semester. Plans are to transition the Remote Learning Page on the school system website to a Summer Learning Page which will include resources and activities to help children reduce the possible academic loss due to a potential summer slide. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Also in news today…

This year’s Hospital Week celebration at Tennova Cleveland has had a deeper meaning as the Tennova team celebrates our work to provide safe, high-quality care for patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it crystal clear just how much communities rely on their local hospitals and also how much hospitals rely on you. During the past few weeks, Tennova Cleveland felt an outpouring of support and is grateful to everyone who has delivered a meal, sewn a facemask, left a card, a sign or a chalk drawing, or who has just reached out to one of their caregivers and support team to say – thank you.  Thank you for doing that.

If you have sudden symptoms that may indicate an emergency health concern, you can – and you should – seek immediate medical attention.  Tragically, people with serious emergencies, including heart attacks and stroke, are waiting too long for medical care. Getting fast medical treatment could be the difference between life and death – so please, don’t ignore or rationalize the signs of a health emergency.  Call 911, come to the hospital, and get the help you need. 

In news today…

Bradley County Schools would like to congratulate Nat Akiona, Dr. Candice Belt, and Robbie Winters. Candice, Nat, and Robbie have spoken many times about their desire to be at secondary, elementary, and middle school, respectively.  Candice will be moving to Walker Valley, Nat will be taking over at Michigan Avenue and Robbie will be Assistant Principal at Lake Forest. They have each left their mark on the schools they are leaving behind. Their new positions will impact even more people with their great leadership. BCS  is fortunate to have such people of character and influence.

From NewsChannel 9…

Furniture manufacturer La-Z-Boy says an employee at their facility in Dayton has tested positive for the coronavirus.

La-Z-Boy spokesperson Kathy Liebmann tells us the company has a Health Surveillance Process in place, which includes checking employees’ temperatures each day when they arrive at the plant, along with asking them a set of health-related questions.

Liebmann tells us the employee came to work and indicated through those questions that they were not feeling well. The person was sent home to self-quarantine. La-Z-Boy says they provided the employee with information to self-monitor and be tested. The company says they refer employees to free and readily available testing.

The company began contact tracing, using CDC guidelines, and found people who had been in contact with the employee. Liebmann tells us that people identified through contact tracing are not working at the plant for at least 14 days, and are isolating and self-monitoring. The company has also recommended those individuals be tested, and says they have been given information on how to get tested.

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