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Local News for Wednesday, May 5th

Here is your Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County, Tenn. news on, sponsored by Toyota of Cleveland:

In news today…

On Monday at 6:44PM, Cleveland Police Department officers responded to a shooting at the 1600 block of Chippewah Avenue. The male victim, Colby Evans, 25, was transported to Tennova to be treated for non-life threatening injuries after he was shot twice with a BB gun. A male suspect, identified as Donnie Cook, 35, was taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Assault.

Also in news today…

On Monday, Cleveland City Schools Board of Education voted to make updates to our COVID-19 response plan. Those updates include the following: 

  • Daily temperature checks will end for students and staff effective after Friday, May 21st.
  • Starting immediately, outdoor events will no longer require the wearing of a mask
  • Beginning on May 24th, masks will no longer be required inside of schools and offices. Masks will only be encouraged for use.  
  • Masks will continue to be required on all school buses due to a CDC order mandating masks be worn on buses.
  • The school system will discontinue weekly data reports on Friday, May 21st. Also, contact tracing will no longer be conducted by CCS after May 21st. Instead, that information will be shared by the Bradley County Health Department.
  • Schools will continue to social distance as much as feasible, encourage washing of hands, disinfect surfaces, and communicate that those with COVID-19 symptoms stay home until cleared for return to school.
  • School Start Times for the 2021-2022 School Year:
    • Cleveland High School and Cleveland Middle School: 7:45 – 2:45 School doors open at 7:15. Buses drop off students between 7:15 – 7:30
    • Elementary Schools 8:15 – 3:15. School doors open at 7:45. Buses drop off students around 8:05

From WRCB Channel 3…

A Tennessee proposal to provide legal immunity to drivers who hit protesters and increase penalties for demonstrators who obstruct major roads has stalled for the year.

The bill was among the dozen proposals Republicans across the country had submitted in an attempt to curb protests that temporarily paralyze traffic — a tactic that was used often last summer during demonstrations against racial injustice.

Oklahoma lawmakers passed a similar version earlier this year, sparking a signature gathering effort to nullify the new law in 2022.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, looming legal concerns about the bill caused the Senate Judicial panel on Tuesday to hit pause on the proposal. Instead, the committee agreed to possibly bring it back up next year after studying the issue over the summer.

According to the legislation, drivers could receive immunity from prosecution for death or injury of a protester as long as the driver was exercising “due care.” It sparked multiple questions on how someone could unintentionally hit someone with their vehicle all while exercising “due care.”

Along with the immunity provision, the bill would increase penalties for blocking a street during a demonstration, as well as throwing objects that cause bodily harm.

And finally…

The Bradley County Board of Education met Tuesday to discuss the upcoming school year’s budget. Among the items in the new budget: Mileage pay will increase from 36 cents to 45 cents per mile. Substitute teacher pay will increase from $65/day to $67/day. Retired teachers or those with teaching certificates that aren’t active will increase from $70 to $80/day. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher that is not in education will now have an established rate of $75/day. The board will vote on the budget at their meeting on Tuesday, May 11th.

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Here is your Cleveland, Tenn. | Bradley County, Tenn. news on, sponsored by Toyota …

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